Take the guess work out of good nutrition.

Offer your patients a NutriCheck AssessmentTM


Dr DNA is an Authorised Provider of NutriCheck in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

What is NutriCheck?

NutriCheck allows medical professionals and specialists like you to identify, enhance and supervise the nutrient requirements of their patients in three easy steps.

  1. Indentify – Discover the nutrients your Patient needs with a NutriCheck AssessmentTM.
  • Simply send a request to your patient to complete the NutriCheck AssessmentTM by email.
  • The assessment is completed online by the patient and they collect their NutriCheck Report from you.
  • The NutriCheck Report provides you with information about your patient’s nutritional health.
  1. Enhance – Improve a Patient’s health by selecting nutrients that reflects their probable nutrition disturbances and requirements.
  • Like all diagnostic tools, improvements to health can only be made by taking action.
  • Each year many patients spend hundreds of dollars on vitamin and mineral supplements. We believe most of these purchases are based on advertising and patient self assessment, without the advice of a medical professional.
  • NutriCheck provides medical professionals like you, with the ability to help their patients make informed decisions. This can include discussing dietary needs that are specific to them and exploring the use of dietary supplements if required.
  1. Supervise – Track a Patient’s progress to optimal health by repeating NutriCheck every six months.
  • We believe that a NutriCheck AssessmentTM should be an ongoing conversation that you have with your patients every six months. This provides you with the opportunity to have an ongoing relationship and review the patient’s nutritional health, dietary requirements and supplement program.Subscribe to NutriCheck Clients of Dr DNA can now subscribe to NutriCheck. For a limited time, NutriCheck is offering new Dr DNA clients a two month discount of a 12 month subscription. This means you will only pay for 10 months in the first year. This discount only applies for the first 12 months for brand new subscribers and the offer can only be redeemed once.NutriCheck enables you to recover the subscription cost with a once off or ongoing patient care fees. The amount you charge for the NutriCheck AssessmentTM and subsequent patient advice and care is determined by you and your medical practice. Most medical professionals cover the monthly subscription costs in just a few patients. NutriCheck seeks to support you to improve nutritional health outcomes within your own community and build a stronger medical practice.A NutriCheck subscription covers one medical professional, costs $50 AU per month and is paid by Visa or Mastercard online.To subscribe to NutriCheck:
    1. Click on Subscribe to NutriCheck.
    2. You will be asked to complete your details, agree to the NutriCheck License Agreement and enter your payment details.
    3. Once completed, you will receive your NutriCheck login details in 2-3 working days, once your individual online portal has been created. You will then be able to login and invite your patients to complete a NutriCheck AssessmentTM.


    Meet the Creator of NutriCheck – Dr Mel Sydney-Smith

    Dr Mel Sydney-Smith (Dr Mel) is a Medical Practitioner, who has provided a specialised nutrition-oriented medical service to Australian and overseas patients since the 1980s. His practice focuses on the comprehensive nutritional assessment and application of Nutrition Medicine Research, as an essential element of integrated patient management. Dr Mel remains committed to patient-centred assessment and healthcare delivery to achieve optimal health outcomes for his patients. He developed NutriCheck initially for use with his own practice.

    Today Dr Mel is also a respected medical educator, extensively involved for over thirty years in Medical Nutrition Education in Australia, China and Asia. He was a Visiting Professor at the Open International University for Complementary Medicine, Adjunct Associate Professor (Nutrition Medicine) at Southern Cross University (NSW) and Adjunct Professor (Nutrition Medicine) at RMIT University (Melbourne). Additionally in 1992, Dr Mel was inducted into the Knights of Malta (Asia) for his contribution to Graduate Medical Education in China and Asia.

    NutriCheck Patient benefit summary

    • Patients can now seek personalised advice about nutrition from their trusted Medical Professional at a place they already know and trust.
    • After completing NutriCheck, patients have a better understanding of their probable nutritional levels.
    • With advice from their Medical Professional, Patients can make better purchase decisions of vitamin and mineral supplements in order to achieve optimal health outcomes.


    NutriCheck Medical Professional benefit summary

    • Medical Professionals can provide an additional service to patients around an unmet health need.
    • Medical Professionals can stop patients self-diagnosing their nutrition deficiencies.
    • Medical Professionals can assist patients to stop wasting money on vitamin and mineral purchases they may not need.
    • Medical Professionals can participate in an important social issue by improving the nutrition health of their community.
    • Medical Professionals can build stronger medical practices through this additional service offering.

    NutriCheck also provides an ongoing relationship between Patients and Medical Professionals

    Good nutrition is an important factor in good adult health and Dr Mel Sydney-Smith has purposefully developed NutriCheck to facilitate a life-long relationship with your patient around their probable nutrient requirements.

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